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New kid in town Brodie and bad-boy Zakk quickly bond over their mutual admiration of heavy metal. But when these two metal thrashing losers unwittingly summon malevolent forces, their dreams of stardom may just have to be put on hold.


World Premiere SXSW 2015 / Fantaspoa Brazil 2015 / Sydney Film Festival 2015 / Awesomefest Philadelphia 2015 / Stanley Film Festival 2015 / Seattle International Film Festival 2015 / Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival 2015 / Fantasia International Film Festival 2015 / Independent Film Festival Boston 2015 / Phoenix Film Festival 2015




Director: Jason Lei Howden
Producers: Andrew Beattie, Morgan Leigh Stewart
Executive Producer: Ant Timpson
DOP: Simon Raby

Starring: Milo Cawthorne, James Blake, Kimberley Crossman

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Interloafer (2015)

48Hours Grand Finalist 2015

Director: Aidee Walker
Producer: Morgan Leigh Stewart & Hazel Gibson
DOP: Nina Wells

48Hours Screening Room


The F.E.U.C (Four Eyes United Club) (2013)

International Premiere Palm Springs Short Fest 2013
Director: Aidee Walker
Producer: Morgan Leigh Stewart
DOP: Roko Babich

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Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song (2013)
Director: Tim van Dammen
Production Manager: Morgan Leigh Stewart
DOP: Tim Flower

Hail (2011)
Director: Amiel Courtin-Wilson
Producer: Michael Cody
Line Producer: Virginia Kay
Production Coordinator: Morgan Leigh Stewart
DOP: Germain McMicking

Matariki (2010)
Director: Michael Bennett
Producer: Fiona Copland
Producer’s Assistant/Social Media: Morgan Leigh Stewart
DOP: Alun Bollinger

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